The Armenian Question in the Caucasus: v. 1: Russian Archive Documents and Publications

Tale Heydarov

The Armenian Question in the Caucasus, Russian Archive Documents and Publications (1724-1914) is issued in this three-volume collection as a special topic of study for the first time in world historiography. The topic is presented as a complex based on rare documents and publications which were long stored as secret and top secret in the Russian State Historical Archive (St Petersburg) and the Russian State Military History Archive (Moscow). Volume one deals chronologically with the period 1724-1904, volume two deals with the period 1905-1906, and volume three deals with the period 1906-1914. All three volumes comprise two sections. The first section provides an analysis of the documents and materials. The second section contains copies of the originals in the archives and publications. 39 of the documents and materials presented in this volume are made publically available here for the first time. To guarantee academic objectivity, the contextual integrity of the archive documents has been preserved. All materials are arranged chronologically and by topic. The collection provides the reader with the opportunity to undertake a critical review of current theses on the Armenian question. It also assists the application of contemporary academic methods to a comprehensive study of the essence of this question.

Hardback • 254 mm x 184 mm • ISBN 9780863724091 • 1716 pages • £190.00 (3 volume set)

Hardback • 235 mm x 171 mm • ISBN 9780863724046 • 736 pages • £74.95 (volume 1)

Hardback • 235 mm x 159 mm • ISBN 9780863724053 • 624 pages • £44.95 (volume 2)

Hardback • 229 mm x 152 mm • ISBN 9780863724060 • 356pages • £44.95 (volume 3)