The Information Society and Development: What kind of relationship?

The topic of information Society is of a very high importance, in the dawn of the new era. It is a highly innovative tendency which leans on information as an energy in the fullest sense of the word. As a result, a way of thinking, a life style, an immaterial economy, and a specific societal model ensued. The Information Society and Development has both an academic and a referential aspect. It addresses the theme of the Information Society in nine chapters, covering approaching a new field of knowledge, the emergence, the concept, the characteristics, the challenge, mechanisms for taking up the challenge, joining the rank of developed countries, the principles of the bet, and assimilating the logic of war in peacetime. The work also includes the referential documents issued from the WSIS in its two phases held in Geneva and Tunisia respectively. The book contains a trilingual glossary (Arabic, French, English), including 2555 terms used in current research and studies in the field of the information society.

Ridha Methnani has a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences from the Sorbonne University, Paris. He taught at the Institute of Law for Development, Paris and is currently teaching at the Higher Institute of Press and Communication Sciences. He is also lecturing in a number of higher education and academic institutions. Professor Methnani has held several missions and positions, namely President of the Higher Council of Com-munication, Director General of Radio Channels, Director General of TV Channels, Director General of International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology, Director of the Higher Institute of Press and Communication Sciences, and Director of the Higher Institute of Documentation. Professor Methnani is the author of several books, publications, and scientific and pedagogical studies in the field of Information and Communication Sciences, including Dictionary of Journalism and Medias (1991; co-author), The Concept of Mobilization and its Meanings, Characteristics and Channels of Mobilization Discourse (1990), and Methods of Communication and Public Discourse (1994).

Hardback • 241 mm x 165 mm • ISBN 9780863723797 • 499 pages • £60.00