Morocco Under King Hassan

Written by a foreign correspondent resident in Morocco since 1952, Morocco under King Hassan is an impartial chronicle of all the major events in the North African kingdom during this period, relating how the king, who claimed to be a direct descendent to the Prophet Muhammed, reigned for more than 30 years, despite attempts by leftists, the military and Muslim fundamentalists to overthrow him. Due to strict press laws, no Moroccan has ever published a dispassionate account of the country and its monarchy. Most books on the subject tend to fall into one of two categories – those that are hymns of praise for the Moroccan monarchy, and those arguing that it is one of the most despotic and reactionary regimes in the world. Morocco under King Hassan is a journalist’s objective view of a country he has lived in for nearly 50 years. The book covers the nationalist struggle for independence, conflicts with neighbouring Algeria, the guerrilla war in Western Sahara and all other major political, economic and social developments that have turned Morocco into a multiparty democracy with a liberal economic system that makes it unique in the Arab world. Under King Hassan Morocco was modernized while retaining its ancient traditions and culture and, at the same time, promoting religious tolerance. Political stability at home and the king’s moderating influence in the Middle East and foreign affairs generally, have won Morocco many Western friends. This book provides an insight into the inner workings of an endearing and gripping country which will provide the reader with a better understanding and appreciation of Morocco and the Moroccans. Consisting of 37 chapters, it is designed as a handbook for both the specialist and general reader.

Stephen Hughes has worked as a journalist for over half a century. During his time spent in Morocco, he was the Reuters correspondent for 33 years. He has written millions of words in dispatches, reporting on events in the kingdom as an eyewitness.

Paperback • 235 mm x 152 mm • ISBN 9780863723124 • 172 pages • £19.99

Hardback • 248 mm x 165 mm • ISBN 9780863722851 • 172 pages • £25.00