Accelerated Reclamation of Alkaline Argillaceous Soils of Azerbaijan

In his Accelerated Reclamation of Alkaline Argillaceous Soils of Azerbaijan, Professor Mukhtar Abduyev describes the tackling of a long-established problem which had enormous implications for Azerbaijan’s security of food supply. The task was to find more efficient methods of reclaiming the saline soils that covered more than 60% of the republic’s lowlands some 2.5 million hectares were resistant to improvement. Existing methods of reclamation involved vast amounts of water for leaching and the construction of extensive drainage systems; these methods could take up to 10 years to become effective. Prof. Abduyev typically adopted a practical scientific approach, researching various methods of salt removal and their effect on soils and the crops to be grown in them. He was also a highly respected teacher and was directly involved in field investigations, at the same time providing leadership and valuable hands-on experience for graduate students and research workers. Prof. Abduyev s work was a major contribution to streamlining the vital work to bring more Azerbaijani land into effective crop and food production.

Mukhtar Abduyev (1926 – 79), Doctor of Agricultural Science, was respected across the USSR for his work on the amelioration of saline and polluted land. He had a lifelong connection with the Azerbaijan SSR s Institute of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry, founding and leading the country s first Soil Reclamation Laboratory there. He also inspired many talented students at the Azerbaijan State University and other institutions. In 1970 he was awarded the USSR s medal for Valorous Labour.

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